Lots of Blue and Red Kershaw Mini Carabiners ready to ship

As we wind down to the last week before Christmas, I wanted to let you know we have plenty of the blue Mini Carabiners and red Mini Carabiners in stock and ready to ship. … Continue reading

Kershaw Half Ton 1445 Knives in stock aplenty and ready for immediate shipment

The Kershaw Half Ton 1445 knife costs less than $10. This knife is the perfect stocking stuffer and we have plenty to go around with nearly 200 in stock. Looking to buy for a group of people without looking like … Continue reading

Plenty of Kershaw Kuro 1835TBLKST in stock and ready for immediate shipment

Kershaw Kuro Tanto Blade Knife 1835TBLKST

As of the time of this posting we have plenty of Kershaw Kuro model 1835TBLKST in stock and ready for immediate shipment. If you are doing some last minute shopping then we can assure you this one will make it … Continue reading

Give a Kershaw 9920-3 3pc Kitchen Knife Gift Set for Christmas

Kershaw 3pc Kitchen Knife Set 9920-3

If you are in a pinch here at the last minute finding a present for someone then try to Kershaw 3pc Kitchen Knife set model 9920-3. This set is inexpensive yet high quality. Whether it’s for a man or woman … Continue reading