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Kershaw Limited Edition Packrat with Camo Handle 1665C 1665CST — 2 Comments

  1. Beware: the $100 “gift” is a come-on for a bunch of magazine subscriptions. Do not click on it. If I start getting a bunch of spam from “Bizrate” I will never set cursor on Kershaw-knives.net again.

    • Tom, the Bizrate is for you to rate our services with you. If it ever were to send you anything without your consent let me know, and we will drop them like a hot potato. Google uses Bizrate.com to get ratings from past customers which is why we have it at the end of the checkout process. It is only for you to rate us if you want to. The data you provide is what allows bizrate to provide statistics on our customer satisfaction levels. Here’s a link to the report that is provided with your input:
      Kershaw-Knives.net reviews

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