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  1. While I’ve been a long time fan of Kershaw knives and continue to buy the occasional model, I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed in your increasing dependance on inferior Chinese materials and manufacturers. While I will continue to purchase and recommend your US made models, I won’t buy, and can’t in good conscience recommend the growing majority of your products.

    If you decide to use Japanese materials and manufacturers (Kai being your parent company) I’d be very happy as I much prefer VG10 to the mediocre 14C28N and awful 8Cr13MoV you currently use.

    You seem to be fading into the background of mediocrity that has claimed many once good companies like Gerber, CRKT, Schrade, etc., and it really bothers me as a long time customer.

  2. Thank you for the feedback. While we are a not the manufacturer of Kershaw knives, I do hear where you are coming from. It appears many manufacturers are making products in countries other than USA. While Two Point Enterprise, owner of Kershaw-Knives.net, cannot dictate what country Kershaw manufactures its knives, we can sure embrace those lines that are USA made and put them in the spotlight. It is for this exact reason that we made a USA-only section on our website to show the knives made in USA. Here is a link to it:

    Kershaw Knives made in USA

    I hope this helps.

  3. I certainly concur with others. It is a sad day for Kershaw when they started to put their name on the Chinese junk. I understand some people will buy anything if it is cheap. But a cheap knife is never cheap if you really need it. Kershaw should have used the same approach for their cheap knives they used for their premium line, and that’s another knife brand. I certainly hope they wake up before they get a bad name for their junk.

    • John, I appreciate your response. While I cannot speak on behalf of the manufacturer, I can say that I it appears they have done a good job of making sure that products manufactured abroad have their own model names to build and live by. None of the original USA-made models were moved abroad. As a matter of fact many of those model lines were expanded into more colors and material variations. Check out these knives jabbed into the tree from a camping trip this weekend. Every one of them are USA made and brand new models. As of today there are 76 different models of USA made knives on Kershaw-Knives.net.
      Your comment is appreciated, and I think it is important that we remind manufactures to stay committed to manufacturing high quality knives here in America. After all, I can’t help but agree with you on a deep down level because my edc is non other than the USA made Leek!

  4. I have a Ken Onion 1560 and the spring just broke can I get it fixed or is it obsolete I have carried it for about 6 or 7 years it is the fourth Kershaw I have . any info would be appreciated

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